Self-Reliance and the Ninja

Going out on your own and being self-reliant is not risky. Being reliant on (a broken) government, now that’s risky.” – Simon Black


I love the above quote!

It reflects so much from our deep ninjutsu heritage, which is completely apropos for the modern day we live in. How many of us are too reliant on our Government, food supply chain, work, etc? I would have to venture that most of us fit that bill, wouldn’t you say?

Well, “What would a Ninja Do?” (WWND)

My best guess would be to learn the skills necessary to be more self-reliant  so that he or she or their loved one were more protected than the rest of the masses. Several years ago, my family and I moved to a rural community in the foothills of a small mountain range, with a small amount of acreage that contained a pond, running stream, and many, many open acres of forest around us, not too much different than the early founders of the Togakure clan in Iga! But is this for everyone? No, maybe, I can’t answer that for you—but each year we grow more and more of our own food, we can hunt or raise farm animals, hell I can’t sit on my back deck and practice with my firearms if I like at any time! (sometimes I do!!) But what I am getting at here is how you, not me can become self reliant like our ancient forebears in ninjutsu. How you might ask? Well here are a few tips:

  • Plant a garden – Do you know how many ninjutsu stories and lore stem from them being just a humble farmer or gardener?
  • Start a second career – I have multiple sources of income for my family, so if my primary income source goes away(yes I do more than teach martial arts or run this site), it may hurt, but I can get by.(more on this in another post)
  • Learn skills that will aid you in being self-reliant. Yes, this mean work! Things like first aid, small engine repair, gardening, martial arts….start now and you will be glad you did.

Alright here are 3 tips, to live a more “ninja like” lifestyle, so what are you going to do, just sit there or live the ninja lifestyle? So, if you have been on this site for a while you will know that there is a ton of information here to start your ninjutsu journey or to point you to new avenues of learning, and this year there is a big push to put out some awesome material for you all to learn and assimilate into your training, be ready, and enjoy!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle!”



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  1. lewis conley says:

    i live like that anyway but i move alot and will help my self if i can

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