Shikin Harimitsu Daikomyo


“Every experience we encounter carries within it the potential for the breakthrough to enlightened consciousness.”

Each day when you get up, do you think “wow, this is the day when it will all come together for me!” or “Crap I have to go to work again today…”, well your inner voice is defeating opportunities for you to grow and learn.

I am not all about being Pollyanna, but what I am saying here is, every day you have an opportunity to gain insight into new training methods, information, skill development, meet a new teacher, see a video you never saw before, even hear a story that could, in a moment change your life. In the beginning of class, when you sit in seiza and bow in, reciting this verse, why aren’t you realizing or applying this to your life and training each day? Just this morning, I woke early and was thinking, what can I learn and practice today? So I got up, had some coffee and practiced a bit of lockpicking skills(from Intonjutsu) that I have been neglecting lately. After I finished my coffee I decided to work on my cardiovascular conditioning and went for a 5K run, my first of the year to set goals for improvement. I came back with many ideas for lessons and posts and immediately sat down to write them all down and create this short lesson for you all.

Ninjutsu is about living and applying the skills we learn and gain each and every day, our practices and interactions during the day are offering us even more training and the potential to breakthrough barriers holding us back. So my challenge to you for 2014 is to start each day with this verse in your mind “Shikin harimitsu daikomyo” then take on the day with a passion to improve your ninjutsu skills and life.

2014 is a new beginning, and you will be seeing great things here, so stay tuned. Send me an email or post here if you have questions or suggestions for upcoming lessons.

Bufu Ikkan


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