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Digital Privacy…step 1

Monday, January 16th, 2017

gray manAlright Ninja’s, we are in 2017 and it’s time to step up our game with digital privacy.

How many of us have heard about someone or some corporation being hacked? Look at Ashley Madison the online dating site(that no one is supposed to know about…shhh), Target, the OPM database hack open the door for 22.1 million government individuals with secret clearance status, if they can’t stop it how you might ask can you. Well, it starts with something as simple as a password. When was the last time you changed your passwords?

How about that one you use for ITunes, Debit cards, Routers, Email accounts, Amazon etc? Do they all look alike, are the all the same? Let me ask you are you using one of the 25 stupid passwords below? If you are, then you deserve to be hacked!

Most popular and easiest to hack passwords:

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. qwerty
  4. 12345678
  5. 111111
  6. 1234567890
  7. 1234567
  8. password
  9. 123123
  10. 987654321
  11. qwertyuiop
  12. mynoob
  13. 123321
  14. 666666
  15. 18atcskd2w
  16. 7777777
  17. 1q2w3e4r
  18. 654321
  19. 555555
  20. 3rjs1la7qe
  21. google
  22. 1q2w3e4r5t
  23. 123qwe
  24. zxcvbnm
  25. 1q2w3e

Sooooo, let’s change up the game and follow the following rules to make it a bit more challenging for someone to get your password:

  • Use a mix of Characters, letters and numbers
  • Use upper and lower case in the same password
  • Change your passwords every 6 to 12 months
  • Do not use the same passwords for your financial accounts as you do your email accounts
  • Do not write down your password
  • Instead of a password think about a pass phrase (ex: IamSureIknowmyPassword4)

Or try a password generator like

(and no I do not get anything for posting the link, other than your undying fealty!!)

Alright, ninjutsu geeks, let’s start rocking out the new year!

Bufu Ikkan