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Modern Practice: Losing a Tail

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Hey ninjutsu practitioners, it is time for some real world skill building here and that is on how to lose a tail. ENJOY!

First you need to determine if there is an individual or team following your route. You can do this by varying your pace and noting if the potential follower varies their pace to match you. Turn in the opposite direction see if they stop to tie their shoe or peer into a shop window etc.

Lastly, watch your reflection in a window to see if the potential follower is really tailing you. So, you have determined you are being followed, continue to walk and give them no indication that you know, make a mental note of what their appearance is, call for backup or police if necessary.

So you know, now what? Well here are a few steps to help you escape!

  • Try to speed up enough to be able to duck out of sight
  • Change your appearance (hat on/off, lose the coat, change shirts, add glasses)
  • Blend into a crowd
  • Enter a building then quickly exit via another entrance or exit
  • Enter a building go upstairs and quickly change your direction and go back down and out a new route
  • Be careful when you attempt to “hide” if you are caught you have given up your mobility and may end up captured.
  • Lie in wait and use a weapon to counter as a last resort to being captured

Now, one “live” drill you can play at to develop skills in both the tailed or tailing individual, is to go to an urban area with a partner or partners and take turns tailing each other. Be prepared with alternative clothing and potential disguises that you can use to fool your partners.

Practice is the best method to ingrain the skills into your repertoire. Now this is just a very short, down and dirty lesson but it is just the first in many new lessons coming your way here at!

Now get out there and practice and practice!

Bufu Ikkan