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Ninja Warrior Conditioning Challenge!

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Hello Ninja Fans!

Ninja LifestyleWell, well, we are in full time summer mode here at Camp Shinobi 1, and that means training hard and having some fun along the way. (you’ll see some videos coming soon..) Anyway, here is you lesson for the day, traditional a ninja had to be ready for action at all times, and that meant that they required an incredible level of physical conditioning at all times, so it was in the past and so it is even more necessary in the modern world. Over the next few weeks you are going to be hearing me rail on everyone regarding the level of physical conditioning you may possess, but don’t think I am only being hard on you specifically, because I beat the crap out of myself all the time! You will be seeing posts here on mobility/flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and of course strength conditioning as well. Let’s not waste a day so you need to jump in today, wherever you are and at whatever level of physical state you are in

NWC (Ninja Warrior Conditioning) Workout (Saturday, July 12)

5K (3.2mile) run (Goal is under 9:00min/mile for you beginners)

Swim 100 yards or 100 flutter kicks in sets of four

25 Push ups

25 Situps

Record you time for later review!

Recover, and be ready to train again as soon as possible.


Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle.”

Ninja Warrior Conditioning

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Great Day For training ninjutsu fans!

A warrior of any tradition is required to maintain physically at the top of their game. Being called to a mission, could require enduring long stretches of motionless observation, with a quick burst of speed and power to bring an opponent down quickly. So of course with my students I train hard and push them to achieve high levels of physical and mental conditioning. Now after being repeatedly asked as to what and how we train I decided to start throwing out some of the components to our workouts. Now remember, these are only a portion of what is actually in the full workout session but this will start you with new material for your training sessions .

Workout: 5 Sets total. Between each exercise 30 seconds rest with a 2 minute rest period between cycles.

Burpee to Chin Up – 10 reps

Sit ups – 30 reps

Sprint 50 yards (walk back to start)

15 push ups

15 Squats (Hindu squat)


Bufu Ikkan

Ps: no puking! (LOL)