Tenmon skill development

Tenmon – Meteorology

Within the ancient Ninja skill sets was that of Tenmon or weather forecasting. In the early days there was no “weather channel” to turn to see what tomorrow’s weather would bring you as such early Ninja developed several clues based upon their observation of nature that helped them prepare for the day. Similar in fashion to our own “Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning” allegory, the ninja’s power of observation of all things came heavily into play. Now although not perfect here are two observations from the past on precipitation:
If it begins around midnight or 4pm, it will last for a long time.

If it begins about 10 am or 6 am, it should stop & the day will be fine

Now how can you improve your Tenmon skills? Follow on my young ninja and learn a bit more:

1)      Study the sky! Learn what the different shades and colors of the sky tell you about the upcoming weather.

2)      Learn the various cloud types and formations.

3)      Learn the basic directions for most storms in your area. (Hint…follow the jet stream)

4)      Observe the animals. Many people say that animals are more in tune with the natural flow of weather and act differently pre- event.

5)      Record you lessons learned and review and improve your skills as you go forward.


Now I have to watch the snow falling, it is a quiet and relaxing way to prepare for the exercise tomorrow.

Bufu Ikkan

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