Why the Ninja’s Espionage (Choho) Skills are vital today!

The collection of intelligence was and remains a fundamental purpose of a Ninja. The gathering and sorting of information skills served a Ninja’s clan with the ability to predict and interpret what was heading their way in terms of trade, military movement, even potential new business arrangements. A Ninja agent is like a spider sensing its prey from a vibration on its web. Their network of informants was their web just as your network can work the same for you.

In order to accomplish a task the Ninja would first develop a plan that took into account the six major considerations for a successful espionage, I have included a little to the Why is this is still of vital importance for you today.

  • Anonymity – Maintaining secrecy about oneself and that of their mission. How important is this in an age of instantaneous blogging, tweeting, video capture etc.
  • To be able to determine the aims of the opponent. Being prepared with knowledge of an opponent’s goals or end point in mind will help you potentially negotiate a raise, buy a business, land a new job, just to name a few.
  • Gathering information. This goes hand in hand with the above statement, but gathering the information and understanding it can be a tricky process.
  • Sowing confusion or setting up a false path for an opponent to follow. Ahh yes, someone is trying to find out about you on Facebook, and of course you have only the most appropriate posts regarding your lifestyle, right?
  • Figuring out the tactics of your opponent, their numbers and movements. I can easily relate this to recent suggestions I have given some students on job searching and what to come prepared with at their interviews.
  • Finally, counterespionage, hey now who is searching you and what can you do to help thwart their activities, learn to become unpredictable!


From our Ancient traditions, tactics and strategies, the modern practitioner can utilize choho skills as a method to protect ones family and friends, advance themselves professionally and or even search out information on an opponent’s martial skill, financial background, education in order to prepare yourself for a conflict or negotiation strategy.

Bufu Ikkan

Ps: Yes, for those who already know there will be a new product coming soon, and you guessed it, it will be covering Choho skills! Ancient to the modern strategies, tactics, tricks and tips this will be the first time anywhere that a lot of this information will be available so stay tuned for the product launch!!

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