Winter Training


Snow trenchWell, last weekend I got to spend some time in the great out of doors, practicing camping and survival skills in the snow. If you are a ninjutsu practitioner, you must constantly push yourself out of the comfort zone and explore new avenues of training. In 2009, I slept in the above (unfinished) snow trench in 10 degree weather, warm and snug on top of hemlock bows. This year, I have been pushing the limits of my Hammock Tent, and have slept out in about the same degree of coldness, but with a lot more wind (more pictures and information coming)! So not only did I hone my trap and snare making skills but I learned a great deal from my old pal, whom is a trapper about new ways to lay and set snares for emergency game trapping in a survival situation.


Lots of great information to put together for you from this weekend so stay tuned for more posts coming your way!


Bufu Ikkan

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  1. Austin-chan says:

    You are seriously tough, Sensei! I am fairly new to your website, but I love what I have seen from it thus far. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU’VE TAUGHT ME!

    p.s. Are you Japanese or other Asian descent? I get your name confused. Is it sensei Steve or sensei Lefebvre? Just curious because Steve sounds American, and Lefebvre sounds French.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Austin,

    Thank you for the kind words! I am an American of Belgian, French and Canadian descent. Both sides of my family immigrated to Canada many generations ago(13+) married into both Abanaki and Iroquios tribes and grew the family tree from there. Lots more coming on the site and members site so stay tuned my friend
    Bufu Ikkan

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