Words of Wisdom

takamatsu_02    “Man’s life is not guaranteed.  One never knows if he lives to see tomorrow.  But you should never be startled at any time – the constant changes of universe, the invasion of enemies, or the time of natural disaster.” Soke Takamatsu

      If you never know if you were going to be alive tomorrow, how would you spend your time? Carefully, I would guess on only the most important things. This quote is meant to wake you up a bit, all around us, each day things are happening, some good, some bad, some very very bad. But do you know this? Are you spending your time on what is essential to your survival, or that of your family and friends? Have you been gleaning the information resources I have shared with you? Have you made your life a bit more random so you are a difficult target or opponent? Are you confident in your training to get you through a violent encounter alive? Have you prepared for a natural disaster? 72 hours or longer without electricity, communications, finances etc. Are you modern protection skills up to snuff yet? Firearms training, first aid etc. etc. I think you may be getting my point now.

    As Soke Takamatsu writes from the past his words are oh so relevant today! A Ninja should never be startled at any time, I hope this holds true for you my friends as well.

     Time to go and do some training!

Bufu Ikkan


            PS: This site is ~30 pages deep with free lessons and information to help assist you in your training, so implement as much as you can in your training.

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