Words of Wisdom – Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura

“Each person has a different personality. Some students can understand one hundred percent of what a teacher says others only fifty percent. The teacher’s role is developing judgment and taking care of all these different students. Culture, language and skin color may be different, but we are all humans and share the same human heart. We are all the same family on the earth; we should never fight each other. We can understand and respect each other. Everyone can shake hands, share this martial art and grow up as true human beings. we can train together as brother and sisters. Ninpo is an art of harmony and peace and how to know what is the truth.”

Each day I try to locate a quote on which I meditate and think about during the day. This morning I happened across this quote from Soke Tanemura and though long and hard about this, and I especially delved into the piece about Ninpo is the art of harmony. Let me know what you think about on this short bit of ninpo philosophy.

Bufu Ikkan

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