Words of Wisdom

“There is no safer place than the dojo. Therefore the students have to go outside the training hall to discover things for themselves, rather than always relying on being taught. I can only teach that approach, that feeling, that special sense. That’s all I can teach ultimately. So it could be said that I can perhaps teach you to be your own teacher.” Soke Hatsumi

When I heard these words from Soke Hatsumi, it hit home, I have been training as long as I can remember with various teachers of the martial arts and esoteric skills I wanted to develop further. Throughout the years I voraciously studied written, video, and one on one, in a daily fashion to increase my knowledge and chip away at my short comings.  With 2013 quickly coming I cannot wait to further my own experiences and skills, but not only this, 2013 will be a time for me to give back to all of you faithful students, readers and fans.

Stay tuned, I am on the 12 posts to Christmas!

Bufu Ikkan

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