Ninja Lifestyle“There are going to be certain things happening in the world, in society, in economics and in countries in the future that we will have to be able to fit in with. So this idea of zero is a potential. It’s where you’re not expecting anything, but ready for anything.” Soke Hatsumi

I found this quote from Soke Hatsumi the other day in my notes from an early TaiKai question and answer session, and it rings so true these past few weeks. I have had the opportunity to treat superficial cuts, scratches, nosebleeds , all the way up to splinting a broken arm, turn around and have family emergencies, work emergencies and just everyday life thrown in the mix. But each day, I got up facing the day as a new challenge to test and exercise my Ninjutsu skills, everything from Taijutsu, first aid, kajutsu, all the way to fudoshin. As I look back over the last few weeks I realize how powerful the warrior traditions we hold dear and practice truly are, and it invigorates me to dive in and practice and glean more knowledge from this powerful art of Ninjutsu!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle!

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