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Training Today

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Training Today,

As I went about my daily training today, I secluded myself and began to focus on Seishin (loosely translated Pure heart or pure spirit) How was I to go about this?

Meditation under a cold waterfall? Spend years as a hermit in a cave?


Well, this is where I came to. I remembered Soke Hatsumi speaking one day that  “Budo is Meditation”, and it hit me, Seishin is a combination of endurance and humility, brought about through hard core training. One of the secrets in all training but especially in Ninjutsu is to NEVER GIVE UP!  Soke is fond of saying “Keep Going” and that is a secret, every day chipping away, learning new things, pulling away the weak spots. Seishin is to me is an embodiment of enduring the harsh training and being humbled by it as well.

As I finished my makiwara training and moved on to shoten no jutsu, then to my trail run. I finished and was humbled as my muscles were shaking and I was physically exhausted.

Just another day in training!


“Bushigokorro wo motte totosho no nasu

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

“The Warrior’s heart is precious, and Essential”

Now,What the hell does that mean?? As I sat and was working on the next set of lessons, I reflected back on how many students and training partners I have had over the years and how few still remain in practice. It is true a Warrior’s Heart is precious, it drives us when we feel like not training or giving up on a task, even sick or hurt you must go on.

As I started to construct this website and the lessons it is going to contain, I felt overwhelmed! With my home and family life, a very busy work life, how was I to make it happen and launch on Labor Day weekend?

It came to me as I was training outside one evening, A Warrior’s Heart!

Don’t give up, no matter the adversity, drive through and come out the other side.

Like Nike says “Just Do It!”

Moving On!

Hey to all of you emailing your thoughts and ideas on upcoming lessons, and the feedback on the 1st lesson,

yes I read the emails, and thank you for the inputs!! I didn’t realize how many people would start pinging me with ideas and critiques…..

I am working on new videos but I have to teach the basics first so that everyone has the same understanding as we move together on our learning journey, as well more Esoteric information is in Lessons 2, 3, and 4, but also a look back to the traditions that spawned many of the modern tactics and strategies of Ninjutsu and the Samurai.

More to come!

Bufu Ikkan

We are Live!!

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the support, emails and calls regarding the 1st lesson! There are a few bugs to work out with some of the software, but all this will be cleared up shortly. Lot’s more lessons being finalized for the next several lessons, so join now!

Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Steve