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5 Skills to Hone during the Lockdown

Sunday, January 24th, 2021

For many aspiring Ninjas, training at a dojo during a lockdown was non-existent! Schools were closed, and too many of us were forced to shelter in instead of being able to enjoy and learn new techniques from our teachers.

But, let’s turn the story around, and what can we do for training during these crazy times? Well then let me give you 5 skills you can work on developing during these strange days!

  1. Emergency fire starting. Find a location that you can safely start a small fire utilizing various methods. Matches, lighter, magnesium rod, bow drill, etc. Try them all! Learn the use of various fire-starting materials, ways of keeping a fire going during various weather situations, use of a Dakota hole, rocket stove etc. Always fun to have the ability to light a fire and enjoy the warmth!
  2. Orienteering! Ever been lost and have no idea on how to use that map you brought? Well proper land navigation skills is a must for a ninja. Get a map of a local area and navigate to various locations by using your compass and land navigation skills. Here is a great link to ITSTactical land navigation starter!
  3. Improvised weapon construction. So, what can you make with simple items found nearly anywhere in the world? Look to make something you can use to protect yourself in a non-permissive environment. Expand your thought process, think flexible, projectile, edged, flammable, etc. You never know when you may need this critical skill set.
  4. First aide skills. Break out your old first aid guides and review what to do when you or your loved one has an injury. Don’t forget to brush up on your CPR and triage skills. Another angle on this could also include natural and herbal remedies if you are far from or cannot get to a medical facility.
  5. Water purification. Without water you will die. Clean drinking water is a precious thing and learning multiple methods to make a remote source of water drinkable is a life saving skill. Learn how to boil, chemically treat and or filter water to make it safe for you and your loved ones, you will be glad you learn and master this skill!

Alright, so you have 5 things to be practicing and strengthening your knowledge on, so what are you waiting on get to learning!

Bufu Ikkan


6 Tips to Help you Recuperate from Intense Training!

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

All right we all train like demons, beat the crap out of our bodies and minds, so you have a plan in place to help you prevent burnout, right?? So, to help you formulate your recuperation plan here are 7 tips to add into your training regimen.

  1. Take Time Off: Yes, you read it correctly Take some time off! The stress you put yourself under can create a buildup of cortisol and norepinephrine hormones which can counteract all of your hard training. So take a day or two off every training cycle and relax and recharge!
  2. Get 8-9 hours sleep each night:  Sleep is the body’s way of recharging and rebuilding itself each day. If you are beating on it constantly and not getting enough rest your training will slowly begin to suffer!
  3. Start a nutrition log: Fuel your body with nutritious food and track what you are taking in to see how your nutrition plan is affecting your training and recuperation efforts.
  4. Learn myofascial release:  Foam rollers, balls, sticks, massage etc! Get the blood flowing and recover quicker.
  5. Cryotherapy: If you have strained a muscle or joint, pack the area with ice for ~15-20 mins, off and on to reduce swelling and inflamed tissue. More extreme – Ice baths!
  6. Contrasting Showers : Similar to # 5, alternate hot and cold showers will go a long way in helping you recover after that last brutal work out

Train with Intensity!


Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1st, 2021
Happy New Year Ninjas! 2018 - YouTube