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Ninja: The Invisible Assassins

Ninja: The Invisible Assassins, by Andy Adams, is one of the first books to introduce ninjutsu to the English speaking world. I purchased this book way back in 1980, and it introduced me to the “super-human” martial artists known as the Ninja. I was captivated by the first few paragraphs and it has led me to a lifelong study of ninjutsu.

From the foreward:
“Cloaked in black from head to toe and concealing a small arsenal of deadly weapons and secret devices, these medieval masterminds of espionage, sabotage, arson and assassination moved stealthily but relentlessly across the pages of Japan’s turbulent era, from the 13th to the 17th Centuries.” What teenager wouldn’t be drawn in by this?
Although a relatively short book with 14 chapters covered in 190 pages, this book will not teach you to become a Ninjutsu expert but does a very good job of introducing many tactics, strategies, and training methods that the ancient ninja utilized in their craft.

Chapters include:
The Elusive Phantoms, Shadows of the past, Weapons, Web of Subterfuge, Poisons and Curatives , Physical and Mental training, Strategy, Espionage, The fifth columnist, Penetration, Tricks, The Invisible man, The vanishing breed of knights without armor, A man for all seasons

As a high level overview of the various ninjutsu clans (Iga, Koga), tactics as well as introducing the last of a Vanishing breed or modern practitioners, this book started it all for ninja boom in the 1980’s. This book is very well written for the time, illustrated with several photographs and makes a strong effort to be historically accurate while still providing interesting and entertaining reading. If you could have only one book on your shelf about ninjutsu, it should be this book!

Essence of Ninjutsu:The Nine Traditions

Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

182 pages

What an interesting blend of Ninjutsu oral traditions (kuden), history and training tactics from Soke Hatsumi. This book has many photographs demonstrating techniques, ninjutsu tricks, historical woodblocks, and it covers stories from Soke Takamatsu’s history, as well as Soke Hatsumi as well!

Chapters  include: Yamagomori and Shutsuza (the story of Saskuke Sarutobi), A talk with Takamatsu Sensei, Genjutsu and Yojutsu, Ninpo through the camera’s eyes, Message from the winds, Ninjutsu and the martial arts, Taijutsu:form and spirit, The rules of the Ninja, Ancient legend-Modern spirit, Kamurozan, Ninjutsu witout tricks, The Child’s mind, and a Brief history of the Ninja.

I gleaned many ideas and strategies to incorporate into my daily training. I especially like the chapter that is titled “Rules of the Ninja.” One passage stuck in my mind for some time here,  “The rules of the ninja are not cruel or overly demanding. They are merely rules for the expert of stealth to follow in order to discover and protect the truth.” Interesting quote that puts some of the wealth of information in that chapter into perspective. As a parting note Soke Hatsumi leaves us with the following: “For the readers of my book, I would like to tell you that I will always be watching over you. Be tolerant of the criticism of others. It’s not so difficult if you take them just as those of a child.  I should be happy if I could help you to understand the spirit of the Ninja and essence of their techniques through this book.”

So in the end, I would highly recommend this book to be added to your Ninja resource library!



SouthOrd Lock picks

So you are starting to collect your Ningu (ninja tools) from the various Shinobi Iri lessons and are looking for a good quality set of lock picks to start off with, well look no further that this 14 piece Basic Entry Set from SouthOrd. It contains good quality to price tools and a free instructional pamphlet to help you understand the basic principles of lock picking and opening.

Combined with the various Shinobi Iri lessons on gaining surreptitious entry through locked or secured areas these kits will go a long way to establishing your “entry kit” as covered in lesson 3.

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