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Just for the fun of it!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014


More Q and A with Airyu!

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Hey a shout out to all you Ninjas! Thanks for all the emails the last few weeks as I have been traveling and working I haven’t been able to respond to all of them but here are a few for you that have been asked a few times:

“What is your favorite weapon?” – Actually as Musashi wrote “A warrior should have no favorite weapon”. I love weapons of all sorts pointy ones tend to attract me a lot! Swords, knives, shurikens, etc. but even modern weapons such as all firearms, and even things that go BOOM! I’ll post a few articles about weapons training soon!

“What is your favorite strategy?” – Kyojitsu tenkan no ho. I use it in many ways and am always attempting to improve my depth of understanding of this powerful strategy.

“Do you take in Uchi Deshi?” – No, I do teach privately, as well as travel to do seminars and spread the word about what I practice. For those of you who are interested in training with me, drop me a line and I’ll get back to you with the details.

“Do I recommend cross training in other arts?” – Of course! The more you experience in all things the more you can appreciate and gain insight to true budo.


Alright, now a question for all of you, I am working on too many projects and I would like your inputs on what to create for posts, podcasts and even products. Either email me or post here and I will take them all in so I can better serve and send out the information that each of you want!

Until next time—-Bufu Ikkan!

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle”

Ninjutsu Tracking skills:

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Joel Lambert Typically a ninjutsu operative may have been called upon to determine the size of an enemy  force or even to follow his intended target for some distance. In order to accomplish this type  of mission, a ninja would have to rely on his ability to “track” his targets. But not only knowing  the physical sings of a track but to also utilize all of their senses in this type of operation. It’s  essential to understand that tracking is more than simply following sign. A tracker uses all of  his or senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, and extrasensory) to:

  •  DETECT and continuously identify the correct sign by the regularity, size and shape of the  impression, flattening of a surface, color change of the medium the quarry passed through in  contrast to its surroundings, transfer of one medium on to another, amount of disturbance made within an environment or litter discarded that may be associated with the quarry.
  • FOLLOW the track line and reacquire the track if lost.
  • INTERPRET the sign being left and the physical track picture. This is the most important capability of the tracker. Anyone can learn how to follow sign, however, a true tracker thinks analytically to interpret what he sees and feels. This then begins to form a picture or hypothesis as to what the target did, is doing, or might do.
  • ANTICIPATE the targets’s intentions and where the track line may be leading.
  • LOCATE the target.


Once the target is located further action may be required, but that cannot happen until you are able to follow, track and potentially intercept the target.

More to come on Tracking!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu: “Living the Ninja Lifestyle!”

Ōkyū shochi (First Aid)応急処置

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Hello Everyone!

kenpo-1898_page_58    As a ninjutsu practitioner, we are well versed in the arts of causing physical (and     psychological) damage to our opponents. But, as our traditions have taught us,       ninjutusu is not only about injuring others but of “surviving” and “enduring”        strife. There is no more important skill than to have a basic understanding of first  aid skills.  The photo in the corner of this post is actually from a 1898 kenpo  treatise on the arts and they actually had a section on resuscitation! I look back to  my early days as a Boy Scout and remembering how first aid was reviewed with us  all the time, and as I grew older it stuck with me, and I had multiple opportunities  to increase my knowledge, and sometimes too often to practice in real world  situations. I have had the opportunity to treat minor scrapes, abrasions, strains  and sprains, broken bones, diabetic emergencies, rashes, seizures, CPR situations,  slices, a few stabs and this is just to name a few! Now a few of these were on myself,  but almost all of them were also on an injured party. So if you have no skills or haven’t practiced in a long time here is a basic primer for you to start you along the path.

Basic scrapes and cut treatments

Penatrative wounds(slice, stabs etc)

Sprains, strains

Broken bones

I will stop right here because this material can and is probably the extent that most people will run into in their lives, and all of these can and do happen during training. Now this is just a beginning there is so much more to understand and a good path for you is to take a Basic first aid/CPR/AED course with the Red Cross. It will help you prepare for more than what I have listed here so be prepared.

In an upcoming post we will discuss how to treat these basic injuries in a traditional and modern manners.


Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle!

Ninja Warrior Conditioning Challenge!

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Hello Ninja Fans!

Ninja LifestyleWell, well, we are in full time summer mode here at Camp Shinobi 1, and that means training hard and having some fun along the way. (you’ll see some videos coming soon..) Anyway, here is you lesson for the day, traditional a ninja had to be ready for action at all times, and that meant that they required an incredible level of physical conditioning at all times, so it was in the past and so it is even more necessary in the modern world. Over the next few weeks you are going to be hearing me rail on everyone regarding the level of physical conditioning you may possess, but don’t think I am only being hard on you specifically, because I beat the crap out of myself all the time! You will be seeing posts here on mobility/flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and of course strength conditioning as well. Let’s not waste a day so you need to jump in today, wherever you are and at whatever level of physical state you are in

NWC (Ninja Warrior Conditioning) Workout (Saturday, July 12)

5K (3.2mile) run (Goal is under 9:00min/mile for you beginners)

Swim 100 yards or 100 flutter kicks in sets of four

25 Push ups

25 Situps

Record you time for later review!

Recover, and be ready to train again as soon as possible.


Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle.”


Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Hello Ninjutsu Fans!!

I have finally returned to the land of high tech and solid roofs! For those of you who didn’t know I took a short vacation to canoe in a remote wilderness area for a week. I’ll tell you it was quite the adventure! A few highlights:

Training every day!

No Electronics!! (no cell reception anywhere up there anyway…)

Taking a nap (man, I couldn’t remember the last time I did this!)

The deep quiet, allowing for some awesome meditation time.

Just unwinding from everyday life.

I have come back full of energy, and 372 emails to read (acckkk), so Dan, Paul, Bill etc. etc, I will be answering your question as soon as I can, and some of them may be answered in a more generic post here on the website, so keep reading often! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle!”