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Self Assessment

Sunday, March 10th, 2019

How many of us actually take to the time to reflect on our performance? Most of us push forward everyday trying to improve, but a secret to mastery is the ability to take the time to perform a self assessment.

Here a few questions to start asking yourself:


  1. How is your overall flexibility?
  2. Leg and hip flexibility?
  3. Body mobility?
  4. Explosive power?
  5. Cardio vascular conditioning level?
  6. Strength levels?
  7. Grip strength?


  1. Ability to focus?
  2. Meditation?
  3. Motivation level?
  4. Discipline?
  5. Ability to enter flow state?


  1. Weapon usage?
  2. Rolling, falling?
  3. Kicking skills?
  4. Striking hands, arms knees etc.?
  5. Variations known?
  6. Ability to improvise?
  7. Sparring level?
  8. Multiple opponent skills?
  9. Cross training in other arts?

Alright so that is just a few questions to start your first self assessment off with, but again this is just the beginning, I could ask 100 or more questions, but in order to start the process focus on a key few and be brutally honest with yourself regarding your level of skill or performance!

Alright go beat yourself up!

Bufu Ikkan!