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We are Live!!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the support, emails and calls regarding the 1st lesson! There are a few bugs to work out with some of the software, but all this will be cleared up shortly. Lot’s more lessons being finalized for the next several lessons, so join now!

Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Steve

Hello Ninjutsu Practitioners!

Hello Everyone,

As you can start to see the new site is starting to come along! The upcoming new Online Training portion is well underway and contains a fantastic amount of information. My underlying goal is to exceed everything you ever thought possible about learning Ninjutsu Online. Already I have 11 videos and 62 information packed pages of instructional material for just Lesson #1!!! Ukemi, Anonymous living skills, Junan Taiso are fundamentally laid out for you in an easy to read and digest lesson!!

I have already gotten feedback from some test subjects, but i’ll post those later, lot’s to do tonight!!

Shikin Harimitsu Daikomyo

Sensei Steve Lefebvre