Ōkyū shochi (First Aid)応急処置

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kenpo-1898_page_58    As a ninjutsu practitioner, we are well versed in the arts of causing physical (and     psychological) damage to our opponents. But, as our traditions have taught us,       ninjutusu is not only about injuring others but of “surviving” and “enduring”        strife. There is no more important skill than to have a basic understanding of first  aid skills.  The photo in the corner of this post is actually from a 1898 kenpo  treatise on the arts and they actually had a section on resuscitation! I look back to  my early days as a Boy Scout and remembering how first aid was reviewed with us  all the time, and as I grew older it stuck with me, and I had multiple opportunities  to increase my knowledge, and sometimes too often to practice in real world  situations. I have had the opportunity to treat minor scrapes, abrasions, strains  and sprains, broken bones, diabetic emergencies, rashes, seizures, CPR situations,  slices, a few stabs and this is just to name a few! Now a few of these were on myself,  but almost all of them were also on an injured party. So if you have no skills or haven’t practiced in a long time here is a basic primer for you to start you along the path.

Basic scrapes and cut treatments

Penatrative wounds(slice, stabs etc)

Sprains, strains

Broken bones

I will stop right here because this material can and is probably the extent that most people will run into in their lives, and all of these can and do happen during training. Now this is just a beginning there is so much more to understand and a good path for you is to take a Basic first aid/CPR/AED course with the Red Cross. It will help you prepare for more than what I have listed here so be prepared.

In an upcoming post we will discuss how to treat these basic injuries in a traditional and modern manners.


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