5 Tips for Anonymous Living

NinjaA Ninjutsu Practitioner should be keenly aware of their actions and
how it announces them to the world. In the ancient days there were even several
famous jonin whom lived quiet unassuming lives, some even having multiple
families and dwellings to confuse their enemy’s, all while being active
espionage agents.

Within Ninjutsu’s curriculum there is a term, “mugei munei no jitsu” (No
name , No Art) I have taken this strategy and expanded  it to the Anonymous living series of lessons. Contained in those lessons are a host of ideas to make your life much more difficult to
track or to become an easy target of your enemy’s actions. Here are a few tidbits from the various lessons:

1)     Avoid placing personal identification on your
checks. That includes your address and telephone information.

2)     Don’t have items delivered to you on a regular
basis. Items such as the paper, or if you are lucky milk or groceries. This is
a sure way to tell if you are currently around or traveling from your home.

3)     Vary your routes on the way to and from basic
errands and work.

4)     Keep your schedule varied! Don’t fall into the
trap of always stopping for your favorite cup of coffee at the same location each

5)     Examine your daily habits and eliminate those
that make you stand out. Remember to be the gray man.

Yes, there are only 5 hints here, but they can become very
powerful in your life if practiced in a daily fashion.

Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Steve

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