A Ninja Lifestyle

Just what constitutes a “ninja” lifestyle? Is it running around in your tabi, and black outfit, with your weapons bristling from every point on your body? Well, it might be fun but I don’t think that exudes a ninja lifestyle. Personally I love the following saying:

“The way of the martial artist is the way of enduring, surviving, and prevailing over all that would destroy him. More than delivering strikes and slashes, and deeper in significance than the simple outwitting of an enemy, ninpo is the way of attaining that which we need while making the world a better place. The skill of the Ninja is the art of winning.”–Toshitsugu Takamatsu, 33rd Grandmaster.

So how do you go about living a Ninja lifestyle that helps you endure and prevail over all that would destroy you? It starts with your training, what are you doing each day that helps move you forward to a new level of understanding, skill or knowledge? Are you applying those skills, knowledge and strategies, to succeed in your endeavors? Today I was awake early, I had my morning coffee, watching the sky grow lighter, and preparing myself to take on the left over remnants of a snowstorm. Taking it as an opportunity to train physically by shoveling and practicing my balance on the slippery, icy terrain, awesome time even though I am a bit tired now! So I hope this analogy opens your eyes a bit, instead of looking at this situation as a chore, I chose to take it as an opportunity to improve! This is one way to take the phrase “skill of the ninja is the art of winning.”, and apply it in what might be perceived as a crappy chore and or hard work. I was winning by making this a great opportunity for improving my physical skills.

More to come in this series on what constitutes a Ninja Lifestyle!

Bufu Ikkan

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  1. ELD says:

    I am really trying to be a ninja. I have wanted this my whole life. I was born and by the time I was 2, I knew that the ninja life was the life for me. I am so ready for this. I just in general need some tips and advice on how to full devote myself to nijaism. If anybody can give me some help that would be AMAZING 🙂 🙂 🙂

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