7 Nutritional Tips for Ninja Warrior Athletes

As a Ninjutsu practitioner my training is of course physically and mentally demanding, and so healing and staying well fueled for my nest session can always be a challenge! Over the years I developed the following 7 Tips that I use and teach to my students on a regular basis. I hope you adapt them and or suggest additional tips for our readers to learn from.

Tip #1.


Make nutrition an integral part of your training program. Nutrition should never be an after thought in your training program it should be thought out in advance to meet your nutritional needs. Without proper nutrition, how can you begin to achieve the optimum performance level you are seeking?


Tip #2.


Start a nutrition log book. Track your consumption of various foods, amounts types etc, and how this relates to your workout energy and recuperation time. Review the various books and source material on the amount of calories and types of nutritional guidelines your sport will require, and set that down in your training plan. If you have to consult with a sports dietitian, and stay away from trendy diet fads and supplement advertisements!

Tip #3.


Now everyone has a busy schedule to maintain, but if you are serious about improving your sports performance you need to schedule time to shop for good nutritional foods. Search your local area for the best produce, meat and dairy sources. Even search for low cost wholesalers, this will definitely help your budgetary process. Good quality food can get expensive if you are not careful, so spend the time to bulk shop, freeze down individual portions and plan your weekly meals!

Tip #4.


A key nutrient in your program has to be fluids!! Concentrate on taking in adequate amounts of water, and other fluids to prevent dehydration. Monitor your urine output to ensure you are drinking enough fluids on a daily basis. You should be urinating frequently (every 2 to 4 hours); it should be light colored, not dark and odiferous. That is clearly a sign of dehydration!!

Tip #5.


Be flexible, and resilient to food changes. Every season has a host of great food choices, so avail yourself to locally grown fresh produce in the summer months! Over the remaining parts of the year switch of to other items grown in various parts of the world! Pay attention to those cravings you are having they may indicate a nutritional or caloric need in your diet!

Tip #6.

Supplements are just that SUPPLEMENTS! Your first requirement is adequate nutrition through good quality sources. If you require more than that, seek out high quality supplementation. Don’t fall into the trap that a supplement will give this huge leap in your nutrition, it won’t! It is up to you to maintain the dedication to ensure this critical aspect of your training is maintained!

Tip #7.


As a final tip, make sure you are getting adequate time off from your program to recuperate! Take a nap, sleep in late, eat plenty, drink enough, all of this will help you make great leaps in your training goals. The hardest part is the first step………Taking Action!


Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle!

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