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Ninja LifestyleOne of the most popular questions I receive is “Airyu, what is your average/typical day look like?” Well, first of all it isn’t average or typical, I wouldn’t be a ninjutsu practitioner if it was!!
Anyway, I figured I could give you a peak at what one of my days looks like:
5:00am – Wake up and hydrate
5:15am – Warm up and ready for training, that could be a run, bodyweight conditioning, weight conditioning, striking etc.
6:00am – Clean up, prep meals and snacks for day, review daily plan
6:30am – Off to day job, listen to Audio book, motivation etc
7:45am – Answer NTO and Facebook emails and questions, first meal
8:45am – Read one chapter or review one short video on martial arts or self improvement
10:00 – High protein snack and fruit
11:30am – Second main meal, review intelligence gathering sites
12:30pm – Walk the plant, stretch in office
2:30 pm – High protein snack, carbs
4:30 – 5:00pm – Prep for drive home, use audio recording device for open task list generation
6:00pm – Homestead work, dinner prep
7:30pm- Supper
8:15pm – Skill build (Lockpicking, escape technique development)
9:00pm – Relax, read, watch t.v time with family
10:30pm – Last reading session, hydrate, bed time!
This just happened to be what I did on Thursday of last week, but as I have posted before on Warrior Randomness, my schedule changes a lot! I often include prepping for new articles, research, class teaching, shooting skills development on the back yard range, projectile practice, family time, gardening, and a host of other items that are added to the mix.
The one thing I will share with you as a secret to getting a lot done is to have a plan each night prior to going to bed! It should cover what you need to focus on tomorrow, and at the end of each day what doesn’t get done moves on to the top of the new list.
Alright enough of me spilling what I do, why don’t you get off your lazy ass and get to training! (LOL)
Bufu Ikkan
Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle

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  1. Really I can’t thank you enough I’ve been doing this every Saturday and it really works.
    Love this page and training every day. Ninja On, Bufu.

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