A thousand miles….

“When I first met Takamatsu- Sensei, he admonished me to train, holding in mind that I am a mere insect. Even an insect, he told me, if it holds on to a horse’s tail, can go for thousands of miles. Therefore, you hold on too.” – Soke Hatsumi

                As I sat there and read this quote today, I started to reflect back on my time in training. Year after year, and coming on 4 decades of consistent training. I can tell you stories upon stories of fights won and lost, sparring matches won and lost, people coming and going but yet I have stayed true to my passion for continuing to learn all I can in the martial arts and the art of ninjutsu as well. As another year is coming to a close and I have finished yet another training session, this time imparting some memories with my son as he continues his training, it is an awesome feeling to know there is so much more to learn and practice!

2014 is almost upon us and yet it is just another year to look forward to more exciting adventures in life and training. I hope each of you read Soke Hatsumi’s quote, and take a moment to see how long you can hold on to the “Horse’s Tail”, never stop your training, in fact I fear that if I stop now I will fall apart from all of the wear and tear on my body!!(LOL)

I would like to take a moment and thank each of you for being a part of this website, and my training as a student and a teacher. It is a labor of love for the art of ninjutsu that keeps me posting and teaching. Now I will give you a bit of a clue on what is in store for 2014: Many, many new free lessons, a new Members Only section, Newsletter, Podcasts(yes I will be restarting the podcast series once again), a few new Ninja Warrior Conditioning projects, videos and insights into my personal training sessions, and a view of Shinobi Camp 1! So, just a few things to get excited about, I hope you have enjoyed the website this year, 2014 will be rocking!!

Happy New Year Ninja Fans!


Bufu Ikkan


3 Responses to “A thousand miles….”

  1. Júlio lima says:

    Man, thanks for so much dedication to the site. every time i remember to look your site is a good time. I have some problems in my body so i can’t train much, but i do my max. Sorry if wrote something wrong, i am Brazilian. Thanks again. Be in peace. ^^

  2. admin says:

    My Friend,

    Nothing you write is wrong, and thank you for your message. It is great to hear from other buyu from around the world. Let’s keep in touch and you will be seeing huge updates coming here over the next few weeks!
    Your brother in the arts
    Airyu: Steve L.

  3. Júlio lima says:

    Hey, if you can, add me on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/julio.saraivalima if we can’t talk there then i may keep commenting on your posts. Be in peace.

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