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kajutsu For those of you whom have been reading my posts for the past several years, probably know that I truly believe that  the ancient strategies and tactics of ninjutsu are well suited to the Modern Combative arts that are practiced today.  One of the most important traits in ninjutsu that you must continue to hone and develop is an unwavering never  ending path of self-improvement and self –development. You must be the one that you and your training partners rely  on in combat and the only way to do this to develop a work ethos that surpasses those around you.

Look at each of your days and review what you have learned or added to your skill sets, do this daily until you see a  pattern of improvement. If you have read this site Facebook post on Daily training you should know what I am talking  about. As an example from that post I am now at 16 days of training each and every day. Running, strength building, flexibility and mobility drills, every day I add one session to help me improve physically, now that’s not to say I am not working on my weaknesses as well. As the last few weeks have seen my wife and I down at our shooting range ( yes, the benefits of living where I do is that I have my on range), at first I was a bit rusty on my engagement to multiple targets but that is quickly changing!!

Ninjutsu is a Way of Life and that way is on of self-improvement and self-discovery, learning about yourself your strengths and weaknesses, and working to stay on the path. Here it is Sunday night and I am posting encouragement to my fellow practitioners of ninjutsu, so what say you am I hitting it home this time?

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle

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