Cover and Concealment

Hello Ninjutsu Fans,

Time for another post to help expand your training and knowledge, this post is about Cover vs Concealment.

Pretty straight forward  and easy to understand but too many people I have seen or even trained with make common mistakes when talking about cover or concealment. So lets start with Concealment. Concealment by it’s name alone explains it, you are hiding or concealing yourself from someone or something. Common methods utilize camouflage, shadow play, night movements etc. A key here is that you are not protected by anything (usually) when you are speaking about concealment.

Now cover is something completely different but it can also conceal you. Cover is the use of solid objects between you and your enemy, preventing projectiles or another type of weapon to penetrate you easily. Not all cover is good, like hiding behind soft furniture will not stop a bullet, nor will most single sheet rocked walls. A nice brick or concrete wall or multiple inches of solid wood can help to cover you. So I think you are getting the difference here.

Now there are methods to enhance your concealed location to enhance your protection. Some examples are layers of ballistic cloths within a couch or chair, the same can also be added to your automobile panels. Other ideas are a bit more work like hardening your walls with layers of steel plating or sand bags in a wall.

A modern ninjutsu practitioner must be aware of the use and protection from firearms and cover and concealment are two tactics that you need to understand well and make use of in your life plans.

Bufu Ikkan


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