Cultivating Ninja Observational Skills

A Ninja was trained from their earliest years to be able to observe the smallest of details, whether on an intelligence gathering mission or in day to day living. Observation was a key skill that allowed a ninja to often be in a position to make decisions that would often seem miraculous to the non-trained observer. By being “aware” and observing their surroundings, they were able to avoid danger before it became an issue to their lives or that of their family.

Now, there are many methods and drills to help a practitioner gain new observational development and read on to learn 5 quick drills to force yourself to observe your surroundings.

1)  Each day take notice of something new you have not noticed before on your walk or drive to work.

2) Walk by a friend or co worker then go back to your desk and describe what they were wearing.

3)As you pull into your driveway or street, look at the cars parked nearby. Do any of them stand out as to not belonging to the area?

4) Try and see friends or family before the see you. Whether in a car, the mall, or on the street be proactive in looking around at people and see whom you recognize.

5)  Take this one step further, notice the people around you, how many of them are carrying a clip knife? Gun? Etc?

Now this is just five basic exercises to help you improve your awareness, and observational skills, and in case you are wondering I have many, many more to teach and share

Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Lefebvre


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