Developing Silent Movement

You have heard a crash from another room, you silently leave your bed and have to move to where your weapons and or gear are, but are you ready?

Alright ninjutsu practitioners, here is another lesson for you to add to your routine practice. This one will involve familiarizing and moving throughout your household in total darkness.

Step 1: All lights are off and curtains drawn so as to prevent outside ambient light from entering the rooms of your home.

Step 2: Move as silently as possible from room to room. If you have a family have them join in on this exercise. At this point in the exercise if you have weapons hidden in your home or have an escape plan in place, now is the time to see if you can reach them or escape in total darkness.

Step 3: With the lights out concentrate on your other senses to help guide you through your home.

Step 4: After exercise review with all participants and ee what the weaknesses were. Who was the loudest? Were you able to get to a safe area? Were you able to secure your weapons? Review and practice this exercise to increase your night movement skills within your home, it may save your life in the future.


Bufu Ikkan



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