Developing the Mental strength of a Ninja!


Alright ninjutsu practitioners, it takes daily practice of pushing yourself to grow stronger, face your fears, do the things others will not do, to develop the mental strength of a Ninja. There is no time to waste on feeling sorry for yourself, or thinking I am not going to work out today, or some other lame excuse that is holding you back from pushing your boundaries, physically and mentally. So what traits should you be striving for? Well, here are 7 things you should be attempting to improve each day.

  • Balance Logic with Emotion: In other words when you are ready to unleash that tirade at someone, take a step back and seriously apply the rules of logical order of thinking to the situation. (more on that someday soon!)
  • Develop the ability to adapt to change: Change is good, life is change and there is no use in clinging to the past. Embrace the changes as they come, if they are not for you adapt and adopt what works for you in life.
  • Face your fears: Everyone is afraid of something and fear is a heathy reaction. It can keep us safe and comfortable, but that is the problem if you never face your fears you may never experience life to its fullest.
  • Sharpen your skills: Sharpen your skills in all areas of your life and training each day. Do not brag or show off, but improve each day so you can become the best that you are capable of.
  • Hardships are opportunities: Everyone goes through hard times in training and in life. It is in these dark times that many of us give up, but push through hardships will pass and you will come out of it stronger and more prepared to deal with future events!
  • Be productive: Time is your most precious asset, being productive is the only way to maximize your most precious asset, don’t put off what you can accomplish today till tomorrow, as that day may never come.
  • Learn and analyze your mistakes: Everyone makes a mistake, how you learn or not from it is the issue at hand. Analyze what happened honestly, and vow to improve yourself to not make that issue occur again.

Now these seven points are just the beginning of a path, but once you are on the path you have taken a step that 90% of the people on this earth will never do. De different, embrace ninjutsu and be strong mentally.

Bufu Ikkan

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