Eleven Rules

sniper With so many people going to see “American Sniper” and becoming interested in the skills and  tactics of a professional sniper, I have drawn these eleven rules from Rob Maylor’s book “Sniper Elite”. It is the story of the training and missions of an SAS sniper, and at the end of the  book there are these Eleven Rules broken down in more depth. When you read these think how  you can apply these to your training and or daily life today.

  • Keep all movements slow, and always look before moving.
  • Use the shadows.
  • Never enter and exit a hide by the same route.
  • Use natural camouflage.
  • Only fire 1 -2 shots from the same location, if possible move after the first shot.
  • Whenever possible have a deception plan, false hides, false trails etc.
  • Marksmanship principles.
  • Eye on the crosshairs, target slightly blurred.
  • Shoot past a solid object.
  • Always have an escape route
  • Never sacrifice security.

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu –“Living the Ninja Lifestyle”

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