Evading Tracking Dogs

bllodhound Alright Ninja Warriors, here I am bringing more knowledge to your training, so be ready there may be a quiz coming in the near future.  Have you ever watched a person throw a ball out into the grass past where a dog could see it, yet he rustles around a bit and back he comes with it! Well, it isn’t vision that finds that ball it is scent! A typical dog’s world is ruled by their sense of smell, now imagine a breed that has been developed to track you by scent. Yes, the bloodhound and several other breeds are famous for their ability to locate an individual by scent, but what if you didn’t want them to? What would you or could you do to evade a tracking dog or team? Here are a few tips for you to practice, and a tip on something in my EDC items.

1)      Scent! Dogs are tracking you by your scent so, weave your trail, walk through the water(or swim) , make your scent trail hard to follow!!(lots will be covered in the upcoming Ninjutsu training manual)

2)      Leave a trail leading into: a garbage pile, or one of my favorites pepper trap! Carry hot or black pepper and spread it along your trail and watch what happens when the dog takes a nice sniff of the pepper.

3)      Change clothes, shower using different soaps or scent bearing materials.

4)      Get a ride! If you can hitch a ride with someone or enter a vehicle your scent is effectively gone from the area.

So, whether you are escaping from prison(LOL) or evading a search team, understanding a few Ninja tactics to help you evade a tracking dow will serve you well.


Bufu Ikkan

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