Happy Independence Day!

Hello Ninjutsu Fans,

Ok a lot to cover quickly, first: thank you for all of the emails and links to see why I haven’t been posting lately…well 2 fold. Work has been keeping me swamped with a contract from SOCOM, starting up as well as producing a lot of other items for various LEO and military units I actually was buried!( Lets just say I work in the ballistics field and run a plant that produces a lot of units) secondly I am gathering a ton of information for posts and new Online Training material. This upcoming launch will also coincide with our first Training Group program later this month.

Alright, Independence day is a great time to reflect back on the freedoms we have here in our great country, but as we all know it didn’t come or will remain free unless we keep it that way. So one of the best methods to stay free and enjoy it is to become informed and learn about things you will need to know in the future. As a ninjutsu practitioner you should already be familiar with the martial arts, but what about improvised weapons? Escaping tactics, Disguise, Information gathering and protection of that information, Land navigation, primitive survival skills and so on and so on. Well stay tuned here and spread the word my friends because here comes some great material!!

Time to go make things go BOOM!

Bufu Ikkan


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  1. Basirul Billah says:

    Its good to have you back, sir.

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