Happy New Year Ninjutsu Fans!!

Lot’s about to happen here so pay attention:

1) If you are currently a member to one of the two lessons available, be sure to copy anything you want as I am taking the members lessons off line TOMORROW!!!!!!! Why you might ask——Because I am combining 3-5 lessons into ONE SWEET LESSON!! I already have over 170 pages of written material, 1 audio, 25 video clips(which are being updated to FLV for ease of viewing) and a few surprises to boot! So don’t say I never listen or read your emails because this is where I got the idea, so you better be ready for the first new ninjutsu lesson!

2) Free stuff is a coming your way, a downloadable PDF will be placed here on the Ninja Blog shortly. This is also a very small sample of what some of the lesson material includes.

3) Audio, Audio Audio, and maybe a Video podcast as well! 2012 will be seeing a new look and feel to the posts, by adding downloadable audios, and videocasts for FREE……and you said I was cheap!

4) Facebook Fanpage! The fanpage has been up and running for a long time now but this year be ready for FB only postings but only if we hit 50 Fanpage likes! So get to it ninja fans.

I am staying up late and working insane hours on all this new material, upgrades and free stuff for all Ninjutsu practitioners worldwide, all I ask is spread the word, and let your training partners, friends and family know that this is going to be the #1 Ninjutsu Community Online!!

Bufu Ikkan

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