How to Fly Below the Radar: Joel’s Top 5 Escape and Evasion Tips

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Joel LambertI enjoy watching Manhunt starring Joel Lambert. it is a great opportunity to pick up a few “tips” from an ex special forces trained person, so I can relate it back to material in the ninjutsu curriculum. The other other day I came upon this short piece below that has some pretty decent tips, so enjoy!

Just because you’re “the hunted” doesn’t mean you have to be “the prey”. Here are my top tips to outlast the chase and make it to safety.

1. Have a plan, but be prepared to improvise. Know that you may have to choose between survival and escape. Sometimes escape may mean succumbing to the elements—weigh the balance and YOU make an educated choice. Do not allow circumstances to control outcomes if you can help it—and do not allow emotions to derail your plan when times get tough.

2. Know your body, know the environment you’re in—and know the limitations and dangers of both.

3. Take every opportunity to hydrate and eat/gather food. You don’t know when the next opportunity may arise—and you might not have the luxury of stopping when it does.

4. Blend into your environment, be aware of the foliage, the wildlife, and animal behavior. Use natural vegetation and mud to break up your outline and to make yourself less conspicuous. Know when to go to ground, and trust your camouflage when you do.

5. Remember, three things will draw unwanted attention. Movement draws the eye, noise can give you away, and shiny objects can reflect light. The sun flashing off of a reflective surface can be seen for miles and miles.

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