Kaizen, a Ninja way of life

Kaizen, literally translates as “improvement” or “change for the better”, and it should lie at the core of every ninjutsu practitioners way of life and training. Let me explain something, life is about change, everything changes, grows, collapses, and is different all the time, and the only way to stay growing is to improve a little each day. Improvement can be small or great, as an example I was up early this morning and knew I needed to work on my cardiovascular endurance as I have been a bit behind these past few weeks, so I bundled up a bit(it was only 16 degrees) and hit the road. My goal was to shave off some time from my previous 5K time a few days before, I made it back and felt pretty good, I looked at my time for the run and lo and behold I shaved almost 50 seconds/mile from my time! I am not saying that I will be able to do this every time I run, but by challenging myself to do more I did, and so can you. So what are you going to be working on improving? I have a few ideas for you below:

1)      Increase your flexibility 10%

2)      Increase your strength 10%

3)      Increase your knowledge of orienteering skills

4)      Learn and use 3 new knots

5)      Learn 2 ways to light a fire without matches

6)      Improve your taijutsu fundamentals

7)      Read 2 new martial arts books and apply it in training

8)      Learn 3 new nutritious meals and add them to your diet

9)      Learn to shoot a new rifle, shotgun or pistol

Just 9 little ideas for you to take and apply(or not, if you are a slacker), with 2013 coming to a close and the Holidays upon us, I want to ensure you all don’t cut yourselves to much slack in your training and growth in ninjutsu, so get to work Ninja’s!

Bufu Ikkan

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