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Ninja LifestyleIts Sunday a day of rest, right?


Sunday is a great day for training of the body and mind. Hopefully, you aren’t slacking off just because most people take Sunday as a day of rest. I like to think of it more as a day where I can improve and or have some time to spend with the family doing some training. This morning, for instance my wife and I decided to go for an intense 3 mile power walk in the hilly area around our home. It had to be on the streets though as the snow is yet still not melted from the trails on our property. Of course this morning I definitely needed a long stretching and mobility session from Saturday’s class and workout (excellent time and practice my friends!!) So, you may ask why I am rambling on about training on Sunday? Well, it is all about what I have written about here before, the Ninja Lifestyle. The Ninja Lifestyle isn’t one that is easy, soft, or even a wanna be. It is something that permeates your day with energy and fire to know and understand more and be better within your life each day. I take this very seriously and apply it to all areas of my life, and I do mean all areas, why wouldn’t I?

Now, this website has become quite popular lately, but it wasn’t just a flash in the pan, it took several years of steady posting great content that others within the ninjutsu community needs and or wants to learn more about. It took patience and dedication, and learning from my mistakes(Oh I have made lots of them!!) You will be hearing me (or reading) more about Living the Ninja Lifestyle, and I think you are going to enjoy it, but I have to leave you with at least 1 new lesson for today!

1)      Go and get your training journal, and please you better have one by now!

2)      Review what you accomplished last week for learning new techniques, tactics, and strategies, and write them down

Now this week you are going to have a goal, one based around your fundamental nutrition plan,

1)      Take your Training journal out and review everything you have eaten or drank throughout the day and log it in

2)      Add a column for supplements and vitamins

3)      Now repeat this each day.

Now the trick here is to not change what you are doing just because you are recording it. The purpose of this exercise is to determine your nutritional weakness and honesty with yourself is of the utmost importance. Each time I run through this drill I gain a better understanding of when I need to fuel the fire with high quality items as I am binging on some snack food because my blood sugar is heading down. So start this lesson as a first step in understanding what you are taking in on a routine basis, it will surprise you, never mind how many extra calories you may be sneaking into our nutrition plan. Alright, go on and take on the week with a fire in your belly to improve your nutrition!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle

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