New First Aid Kit Addition

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IMG_20150131_161648010    I happened to be strolling down the aisles of Walmart the other day and  picked up a great addition to my first aid kit gear, it’s a small package called  Quick Seal Wound Care Kit.

As you can see the kit contains 2 packages of Celox Granules, which for    those of you who don’t know Celox granules(chitosan) have a very high    surface area and when in the presence of blood, gel up and stick together forming a clot that stops the wound from bleeding.

This technology has been used by the military for several years with great success in treating major wounds on the battlefield, allowing them to be evacuated for further treatment.
IMG_20150131_161733047  Each kit contains

2 Celox packages

2 sterile gauze pads

4 adhesive bandages

2 Ibuprofen tablets

2 antiseptic wipes

This is a great addition to your personal first aid kit, for those rough training sessions or just when you or a loved one is injured. I am picking up a couple of more to add to my range bag first aid kit and one for my smaller lightweight outdoor camping kit.

Have you guessed the first Ninja Skill building theme yet? Yep, you guessed it —First Aid!

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