Ninja Digital Privacy

Ninja EyesWith all of the articles and news stories out there about someone (or the government) listening in on our calls, invading our email accounts, even merchants tracking us in their store by our phone GPS! I thought it might be a good time to start at rock bottom level here and put out some lessons around a Ninja’s Digital Privacy tactics. So without further ado, let’s start at the basic password protection!

Alright, how many passwords do you have? If you are like me A LOT! Work passwords, email accounts, websites, banking, credit cards, facebook, twitter….. do I need to go on!?? I don’t think so, but take a look at what you are using for your passwords and review them against this top 20 utilized list:


2) 123456789

3) password

4) adobe123



7) 1234567

8) 111111

9) 123123

10) photoshop

11) 1234567890

12) 654321


14) abc123

15) 1234

16) adobe1

17) macromedia

18) azerty

19) ilove you


So how many of these are you using? And you wonder why it is so easy to hack into someone’s accounts, steal an identity, open a loan, take out a credit card etc all on the basis that most people do not adequately protect  their password to critical accounts. Don’t be fooled, your email account has tons of information about you, so much so that if I had access to your account for 15 – 30 mins, I could steal your identity! Pretty scary and I am not even very good at my computer hacking skills. So youst me when I say it is not difficult to pry into your retail accounts and then to go out and become you!

So this is your first lesson, get going now and update and upgrade your passwords!

What you want more, well not until you step it up ninjutsu practitioners!

Bufu Ikkan

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