Ninja Road Warrior Workout

TrailRunningAs a few of you may know, I have been traveling a bit more than normal these past few months, but I have not let that stop my training. So, I thought a few tips of staying in shape on the road were in order here.

Cardiovascular Workout 1

15 Tuck Jumps

10 Burpees

25 Mountain climbers

10 Push up with a clap

(Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you 5 sets with 2 minute breaks between sets)



Each morning I start with the following body loosening exercises.

Seated butterfly stretch

Hurdler stretch each leg

Forward split

Roll Back and Side knee twists

Native squat

Standing Hamstring floor touch

Oblique stretch

Pectoral stretch

Arm rotations


Alright, Ninja Road Warriors, now you cannot say that you can’t stay in shape while you’re traveling! No equipment, no problem! Treat it like a Ninja of ancient Japan would do, and use basic exercises and stretches to keep your self in tip top fighting shape!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle!”

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