Ninja tracking skills

outsole_at_beachNinjutsu covers a wide variety of techniques and tactics for surveillance. One of which that I review with my students is the art of tracking. Tracking can serve you in several manners, one of which is the ability to locate or follow an enemy, and a second is the ability to locate game animals to help supplement your nutritional needs. Now there are many skills you will need to gain to become a proficient tracker, and I will be publishing more on these subjects at a later date, but here are 8 basic items that indicate movement through an area.

8 Primary indications of movement through an area:

Crushed or bent grass or vegetation

Broken twigs or leaves

Overturned stones or leaves

Mud displaced from streams or wet areas

Sticks or rocks impacted into the ground

Broken cobwebs

Mud or scratches on stones or logs

Depressions in the leaves or ground


Well, yesterday I did a little practice on some deer, but overnight we had a nice dusting of snow, so I think I may get out there and see what I can follow today!

Train in the outdoors is a key to developing real world skills!

Bufu Ikkan

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