Ninja Training on the road!

Hello Ninja Warriors!

Well, here I am on the road traveling a bit over the last 5 days, but just to keep myself active I have been working onĀ  short but intense workout for my physical conditioning. Take it and I hope it works for you, like it has me!

Ninja Road Warrior Workout:

10 minutes flexibility work

Forward Lunges(25 per leg)

Pushups( pyramid starting at 10( 1st set 10, 2nd set 9….)

Situps (Pyramid starting at 10)

Plank(forward, side, back 30 secs per position)

Burpees ( 1 set 15)

Mountain climbers ( 1 minute)

Cool down with flexibilty work

15 minutes Meditation and breathing control drills

Bufu Ikkan


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