Ninja Warrior Conditioning Tips

A ninja is alway in the peak of their physical performance level. This not an easy thing to acheive and or maintain. Too many indindividuals over or under train and rarely if ever functional train and condition themselves. Here are a few tips on Ninja Warrior Training!

1) Train Outdoors when ever possible.

2) Cardiovascular endurance: Trail run, swim, power walk  etc! are a must!

3) Strength training with body weight and or outside weight exercises

4) Obstacle courses and targets to work off of are a great way to FUNCTIONALLY train!

5) Mobility/Flexibilty, do not neglect remaining flexible and agile!

6) Push your limits often, see what you can endure!

7) Hydrate

8) Nutrition

9) Crosstrain in other sports

10) Recovery and recuperation!

Alright, 10 quick tips to help you acheive the Ninja Warrior Lifestyle.

More to come and have an excellent day.

Bufu Ikkan

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