Ninja Warrior Conditioning

Due to the extreme nature of the missions that a ninja of ancient Japan were called upon to perform, they required a level of physical and mental fitness that bordered on the phenomenal. They lived a rugged and often Spartan like existence from a young age, which allowed them to develop these physical skills that modern Olympic athletes and Elite military organizations today would be envious of.

A well rounded Ninjutsu training program will cover Flexibility enhancement, Strength and Conditioning as well as Aerobic and Anaerobic cardiovascular development. But, these physical fitness enhancements mean little if they do not enhance and or improve your fighting skills, why else would a ninja warrior practice them but to help them fight or perform their missions at an enhanced level.

As a start here is your first:

Ninja Warrior Conditioning Exercise

Hold and Hang:

                Grab a low hanging branch or overhead pipe, your feet need to be off the ground, now hang on for as long as you possible can. When you drop, note the time and begin a scorecard on how you are increasing your time as you add this exercise to your routine.

Skill enhancement: physical conditioning, grip strength, arm, shoulder and back strengthening, utilized in rope climbing, rock or wall scaling, grappling, weapon training

In upcoming posts we will be covering skills, drills, and exercises that will help you develop a whole new level of physical and mental fitness. You will notice that I said mental fitness as well! Yes, a warrior level conditioning program will develop your mental endurance levels, if and only if you are able to push through the barriers that will be holding you back.

Bufu Ikkan


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