Ninja Wisdom: Soke Hatsumi

Soke HAasumi

“Would you repeat that movement again?”

“I replied that I could never perform a movement more than once. If I did the same thing twice, the movement would become just a “pattern” Even if it looks like the same movement, only the slightest difference either in my action or that of my opponent may change the situation completely.”

When you train for many years and decades this simple statement becomes the absolute of all truths. Repeating a technique exactly each time becomes a pattern, or a trap that your opponent may capitalize on. This fact alone is why I wrote the piece on changing your routines (yes look back and read between the lines).  Do you want to become the ordinary, patterned martial artist or person in life? If you are reading this, I think not!


So step up, change your patterns, change your life, change and vary your training and reap the benefits of this Ninja wisdom from Soke HAtsumi!


Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Lefebvre

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