Ninjutsu Tracking skills:

Joel Lambert Typically a ninjutsu operative may have been called upon to determine the size of an enemy  force or even to follow his intended target for some distance. In order to accomplish this type  of mission, a ninja would have to rely on his ability to “track” his targets. But not only knowing  the physical sings of a track but to also utilize all of their senses in this type of operation. It’s  essential to understand that tracking is more than simply following sign. A tracker uses all of  his or senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, and extrasensory) to:

  •  DETECT and continuously identify the correct sign by the regularity, size and shape of the  impression, flattening of a surface, color change of the medium the quarry passed through in  contrast to its surroundings, transfer of one medium on to another, amount of disturbance made within an environment or litter discarded that may be associated with the quarry.
  • FOLLOW the track line and reacquire the track if lost.
  • INTERPRET the sign being left and the physical track picture. This is the most important capability of the tracker. Anyone can learn how to follow sign, however, a true tracker thinks analytically to interpret what he sees and feels. This then begins to form a picture or hypothesis as to what the target did, is doing, or might do.
  • ANTICIPATE the targets’s intentions and where the track line may be leading.
  • LOCATE the target.


Once the target is located further action may be required, but that cannot happen until you are able to follow, track and potentially intercept the target.

More to come on Tracking!

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