Ninjutsu’s Art of Invisibility – Onshinjutsu

The Ninja of ancient times were famed for their ability to seemingly disappear at will. Onshinjutsu or “art of invisibility” is the ninjutsu practitioner’s strategies and tactics, which like the ninja of ancient Japan allow a modern Ninja proponent to disappear of blend in to escape detection.

The art of Onshinjutsu is comprised of several components that cover the myriad of skills from “light removing” skills (Gisou no ho), to Disguise and Impersonation skills(Hensojutsu and Gisojutsu). With some of these skills overlapping with the skill sets taught within Shinobi iri, a ninja would become a supreme master of “invisibility” in his life.

If you have been following the Anonymous living tips blog post, you have already some exposure to Onshinjutsu skills. In this brief lesson we will look at developing Urban Hensojutsu skills to blend in with our environment. Hensojuts is the art of disguise, and involves altering one’s appearance so as to “blend in” or seemingly “disappear” into the background. This happens all around us each day, and for the most part these “grey men”, don’t cross our minds as standing out or even remember able!

As part of your practice in Hensojutsu, you need to first be aware of whom these “grey  men” are and how you can become one at will if necessary. So I offer you this brief lesson:

For 1 week keep track in your log and lesson book the following:

1)      How many homeless people you see and what they are wearing, and where they are located.

2)      How many police officers you see and their normal working locations.

3)      Crossing guards (same as above)

4)      Telephone or cable lineman (same as above)

5)      How about taxi drivers!!

 So this list is just the tip of the iceberg on those around us whom blend in but can be visual seen each day. Does our mind lock onto them as a threat? Mostly no, sometimes they may seem out of sorts but there must be a reason for them to be there…right??

Good luck and practice this lesson well.

Bufu Ikkan.

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  1. Morten bro says:

    I am ready, i am hiding from, the hidden

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    i want to know more

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