Perpetual Student

Another thing you must leave to the side is thinking that you are better then you are and that there is nothing more for you to learn.” Soke Hatsumi

FudoshiEach day I try to reflect on how I can simplify and improve my martial arts practices. Actually I try to live this philosophy in all areas of my life.


How many of us have throughout the years met individuals who thought they knew everything there was about their chosen art? Most find out later that they had barely scratched the surface, and drift off to oblivion. Just a few weeks ago, I was invited to a Martial Arts Symposium where many Instructors and students came to teach, learn and share friendship. Between my sessions, I was everywhere trying to learn new techniques or strategies. I was so pumped up when I returned home I did a brain dump into my notebook, and started planning on how I could incorporate all the new ideas spinning in my mind. In all of my time practicing the arts I have always considered myself a “Perpetual Student” always striving and craving to learn more. To this day I cannot resist the temptation to pick up a new martial arts(or skill) book, magazine, video, I dive in take notes and then start to practice.


So now how can you apply this strategy to your training? Jump in and learn something new today, whatever it is sit down and write it down then add it to your practice so that it sticks. This Jump In with Both Feet approach is the way to go, and just the beginning of your adventure in the arts, Hopefully you to will be the “Perpetual Student.”


Bufu Ikkan


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