Q&A from our readers

Alright, I do receive a pretty healthy number of emails each week with questions related to the material I post as well as other training and or martial arts related items. So, instead of just answering one off, I will be posting the answers up so everyone can see them.

“Sensei how often do you train, and what do you recommend for a new student? “

Great question my friend and fellow practitioner! Well, my schedule may not work for you but here is what I do over an average week.

Strength/Cardio/Mobility work ~4 – 5hrs minimum/week,

Regular martial arts practice ~4-6 hrs/week,

Research – including reading, video review, note taking ~3-4hrs/week,

Now this is just an average and can “up” fluctuate when I am in a heavy training cycle, as I am in now, or when I add various minimalist camping trips, rock climbing, rappelling, or shooting practice.

Also, I did not include time that I practice various skills together. (hint, hint training tip here) I often pair items up so that say while I am stretching I might be reading or lock picking etc. Kill two birds with one stone if possible. For any beginner I recommend no less than 4- 6 hrs of training each week to firmly establish the basic techniques and tactics into your physical skills.

I hope this helps you a bit,

Bufu Ikkan

ps: stay tuned for Ninja Warrior Conditioning workouts coming soon!

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