Reflection time!

Hello Ninja fans!

Well, well, with just a few days remaining for 2014, have you thought about what you have accomplished in your personal training this year? The year has flown by, and sometimes we need to take a moment to reflect on what we have done to appreciate our progress, or lack of progress in our training. I journal so I can keep a real record of what I do at various times during the year so later I can review and or report on things that I have done, hey everyone’s memory is sometimes a bit off, but if you journal you experiences as soon after the fact as possible you will be able to go back and possibly glean new meaning from a lesson, and or just reflect back on an adventure you had with the family. Anyway, here are some suggestions for you to implement during your year end “reflection time”

1) Be 100% honest in your evaluation! If you suck at something, write it down, who cares other than you, if you are not good at something yet or haven’t achieved a particular goal? Let your ego go and be honest, it will go a long way in developing you for next year’s plan.

2) If possible start with where you were and where you are today. If your flexibility was X and today it is Y, log it! Yes, this means you (in the future) will have to establish and record measurable achievements.

3) Be vivid and descriptive whenever possible, it will help you remember the situation more. (neat memory trick)

4) Lastly, have fun! Enjoy the reviewing process, it is not meant as a punishment but a time to look back upon what you have done and accomplished.

So, why reflect? Well, don’t expect me not to throw out a challenge in 2015 to accomplish even more in your training and life than you did in 2014! Oh yes I will be throwing that gauntlet down soon, and I hope that you will pick it up and throw it back to me as well. I am already starting to list new things to work and train on. It takes me several days to go through this process so I normally start a few days before the end of the year and then put a plan together and work it each and every month in the New Year. Revising as I go and things change or items become accomplished or not important any more (yes life changes!!)

Alright, I hope you enjoy the reflection time and feel free to post or email me any of your accomplishments for 2014!

Bufu Ikkan!

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle!

Ps: I’ll share a few of my accomplishments here soon!

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