Shinobi Iri Strategy 1

Within the segment of Shinobi iri skills, there are several core strategies that teach a ninjutsu practitioner the appropriate manner in which to apply the technique or tactics on an enemy. The first strategy we will review is “Nyukyo no Jutsu” or the correct utilization of timing to enter the enemy camp. So, what does this really mean? Well as Musashi points out “timing is everything”, identifying the correct time in which to enter an enemy’s camp, fortress or region of influence needs to be identified normally through diligent surveillance of their actions.

Here is a short list of surveillance considerations

People traffic

Vehicle traffic

Structural considerations

Geographical considerations

Seasonal variables

Auditory levels

Once a proper investigation has been completed the ninjutsu agent will review and determine the best possible timing for the penetration of the enemy’s stronghold. As you all know I like to take an ancient tactic or strategy and utilize it in a modern application, so here is one application for you to utilize.

Chose a local business in your area and perform a surveillance of the people entering, employees, customers, and determine the best time to shop in the location with the lowest amount of customers in the business. Once you have determined this, perform an internal observation of the business, locating at least 3 means of entrance(firedoors etc), alarms (fire ), as well as any cameras in the business. Now, remember this is only an exercise, don’t be obvious or creepy, that will draw security or law enforcement down on you in a heartbeat! So you better have a good preplanned reason to be in the business…you know like your buying something!(LOL)

Have fun and be safe,

Bufu Ikkan


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